Match Report
Dulwich College U14 vs  Lister Community School
On: Monday, 03 Dec 2018
Venue: at Home

A home fixture against Lister Community School kicked off the busiest section of the Dulwich U14's 2018/19 basketball schedule.

DC's first game of five - all taking place in the space of nine days - would be an evenly-matched, back and forth affair, with neither team ever taking a larger lead than six points. As the two teams looked to push the pace, it was unfortunately turnovers that dominated the game, with both sides falling into playing one-on-five at times. Steady scoring from Ethan Gao and Masud Alao, however, pushed Dulwich to a 39 - 37 victory at the final buzzer -- or so most all thought.

In fact, as the teams gathered to shake hands, a scoring error emerged. DC had not prevailed; it was instead a tie game, forcing an additional five minutes of overtime.

The revelation would prove a gut punch to DC, who gave up a lay-up with 12 seconds to go of the extra period, and were unable to answer. As their opponents celebrated an unlikely victory, DC hung their heads for a moment or two before looking ahead to Wednesday - another opportunity to get a first win of the year.