Match Report
Dulwich College U13F vs  King's College School (KCS), Wimbledon
On: Saturday, 26 Jan 2019
Venue: at Home

The U13 F’s demonstrated why sport is such a vital part of their education. In my 9 years working at a Dulwich, the thrill of seeing boys work so hard as a team and feel so proud of what they have achieved, never fails to inspire. With a little bit more kick the result could have been different as well but that simply didn’t matter today as the boys threw themselves into tackles, work tirelessly to help eachother, and come together as a team. All of the boys were outstanding but a special mention must go to Alex Polli for his heroic display in goal, Miles Standage for his heroic defending, Sam Biggs for his mesmeric runs on the right that deserved a goal, and Rahul Kemp who scored his first ever goal for the College. What a wonderful moment it was, the smile on Rahul’s face, and the elation of his team mates was enough to bring a lump to the throat of even the wyliest of Directors of Sport. Today was one of those days that reminds us all that it really isn’t the winning that matters, Sport is about so much more.