Match Report
Dulwich College U13A vs  Surrey U13 Festival @ Trinity School
On: Thursday, 11 Oct 2018
Venue: Away

This festival provided an excellent opportunity for each player in the squad to get lots of game time and improve dramatically throughout the day. That is exactly what this ever-developing side did.

After being fairly slow off the mark against a physical Tiffin side, they went on to perform extremely well against a hugely tough opponent in the form of Whitgift, showing the ability to play with patience, width and then execute under pressure. They followed this up with a dominating display against John Fisher who were unable to break down the Dulwich defence throughout the game, due to too much competition posed at the breakdown area. Energy levels were high and the mood in the group was brilliant. This led to another enjoyable tussle against St George's School. However, as the end of the festival drew in, the last fixture was against Trinity School, who played with too much pace and accuracy for the Dulwich players to contend with after a long day of top rugby.

Overall, the side's development across the day was dramatic and they should look to this point in the season as a reference point in the future.